Famous cats in world cinema: meet 8 here!

Do you know what famous movie cats are? Well, see today which are the cats that conquered the big screen and have fun!


Find out who are the famous and most beloved cats in cinema

Goose - Capitã América
Goose – Captain America

It's not just dogs that shine on the big screen. There are several famous movie cats that are remarkable regardless of the screen time they have.

In some films, kittens are brave and personality-filled protagonists. In others, they prefer all the good and the best with as little effort as possible. Still, they can keep secrets and be much more than they appear.

Either way, they're great elements in movies. They can stand out for their cuteness or simply for their hilarious feline behavior. Likewise, they can bring a moment of respite to the production or add even more tension.

So, see how felines rose to stardom too! Still, they can be good differentiating elements in the face of so many films that focus on dogs. Or that they prefer them for the easier training.

So, how about checking out two passions at once? Combine your love of felines and the 78th art and have fun with these characters. Meet, then, the most famous cats in the cinema and have several options to have fun.

What are the 8 most famous cats in the world of cinema? 

Check out, in the sequence, which are the famous cats of the cinema that really deserve a star on the walk of fame.

Bichano - Harry Potter
Pussy - Harry Potter


The first famous movie cat on our list couldn't be any other. After all, it is almost impossible to think of a feline on the big screen and not automatically refer to the orange, lazy, lasagna-loving cat.

Therefore, Garfield is the one who starts this list. The character emerged at the end of the 1970s. At the time, then, he starred in fun comic strips. Thus, it soon conquered the public and gained new adaptations.

Among them is the production of films and drawings with the most famous cat in cinema. He even won a live action in which he was produced in computer graphics and voiced by Bill Murray.

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Puss in Boots – Shrek 

It's not just Garfield who is among the famous cats of cinema. Puss in Boots also earned a prominent place and that's no wonder. The character, here, mixes some aspects.

At the same time that it is inspired by the classic character of children's books that appeared in 1697, it is also inspired by Zorro. With that, when appearing in the Shrek franchise from the second film onwards, he brings charisma and very interesting references.

In addition to being present in every film in the franchise since then, the character also won a solo film. And this is not for nothing. He brings a lot of humor to the screen, with the contradiction between his cute eyes and his prowess with a sword.

Goose – Captain Marvel

Goose - Capitã América
Goose – Captain America

The Goose is one of the newest characters in the Marvel universe. Captain Marvel's companion stars in very interesting moments, especially because he is who he appears to be. Behind all their cuteness there are also secrets.

The cat should appear in the continuation of the first Captain Marvel film, as well as appearing in other films in this universe.

The Gray Cat – The Godfather

One of the most classic scenes in cinema also features one of the most famous cats in cinema. We're talking about the gray cat, from the first film in the Godfather trilogy. This scene is iconic and also improvised.

At first, the gray cat (who despite being famous did not even get a name) would not be in the scene. However, the film's director, Francis Ford Coppola, found him meowing around the studio. Then he placed it in the lap of Marlon Brando, the eternal Dom Corleone.

And the rest is history. From then on, a scene was obtained in which the mobster hit a violent plan and, at the same time, caressed a kitten. The cat, by the way, loved it. After all, it is famous for the fact that he purred so loudly that it almost disturbed the sound capture of the place.

Jones – Alien, the Eighth Passenger

Still, we could not fail to mention Jones, one of the famous cats of cinema. The character is a pet on the USCSS Nostromo. Despite being responsible for hunting the ship's rats, he ends up facing something much bigger: a xenomorph.

The cat is the protagonist of numerous breathtaking scenes. However, not only does it generate tension, it is also used as comic relief in the production.


Keanu is a comedy and action film from 2016. It features one of the famous cats in cinema, which, incidentally, is the character Keanu. That's why he names the movies and it's not for nothing. The story revolves around the kidnapping of the feline.

The icing on the cake is the dubbing of the cat, which is on account of none other than Keanu Reeves.

Cheshire Cat - Alice in Wonderland

This is one of the most charming famous movie cats. The Cheshire Cat is one of the characters in the classic “Alice in Wonderland”, adapted in live action and in a drawing for the cinemas.

The cat with pink and purple stripes and a wide smile has cryptic phrases, teleports and changes its body parts (such as its head) around. And all this to demonstrate how the typical madness of governance in that world is contagious to everyone.

Crookshanks – Harry Potter

Another adaptation of literature for the big screen, Harry Potter guarantees iconic moments with felines. Despite the scene where Hermione accidentally turns into a cat – a classic from “The Chamber of Secrets” – this character's pet also guarantees a lot of tension.

Pussy, then, closes our list of famous movie cats. Hermione's faithful companion is one of those responsible for helping to unravel secrets and unmask fakers.

In addition, his relationship with the 03 protagonists of the story, as well as with Sirius Black, generate great moments.  

These are some of the most famous cats in cinema. We also have many other representatives who demonstrate how felines are conquering everyone. So, be sure to check out these productions that offer styles for all tastes.

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