Breton Spaniel Dog: learn all about this breed here!

Friendly, energetic and a companion are the three main characteristics that define the Breton Spaniel dog. Learn more about this ideal animal for families with children of all ages!


Discover all about the Breton Spaniel dog breed

Então, conheça tudo sobre essa raça de cachorro! Fonte: AdobeStock.
So, know everything about this dog breed! Source: AdobeStock.

Like other Spaniel dogs, the Breton Spaniel is a companion breed full of energy. In fact, these pets don't like to be alone, so make sure you don't spend long periods away from home. A happy and playful breed, he can be an ideal choice for anyone with children in the family.

So, you want a cute and affectionate puppy to be your best friend? Check out everything you need to know about the Breton Spaniel dog below. Find out about its origins, health issues and personality to make sure this is the right dog breed for your family.

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What is the Breton Spaniel dog?

Firstly, the Breton Spaniel dog has its first records in France in the 17th century. Thus, this makes him one of the oldest Spaniel dogs on record. According to historians and breed experts, images of this animal have appeared in paintings, as it was a very popular dog at the time.

In this sense, the breed was created especially to help their guardians to hunt birds, an activity in which these dogs are very effective. In addition, the Breton Spaniel, or Brittany as it was also known, used to act as a guard dog on the farms where it lived.

Although it was a popular dog in France and other parts of Europe, it wasn't until the 1930s that the Breton Spaniel made its way to the United States. From then on, these animals became popular all over the world, conquering tutors with their charming personality.

Like other Spaniel-type dogs, the Brittany also has a dense, wavy coat. The main accepted colors are white, brown and orange, usually mixed. Meanwhile, specimens of the breed are agile, with muscular limbs that help them when hunting, a primordial activity of this dog's ancestors.

Furthermore, the Breton Spaniel is a dog with docile features, with a rounded head, almond-shaped eyes and round ears that fall on the side of the skull. This characteristic set of Spaniel features gives it a friendly and cute appearance, attracting the attention of anyone looking for a furry friend to call their own.

How much does a dog of this breed cost?

Mas, afinal, qual o valor do filhote? Fonte: AdobeStock.
But, after all, what is the value of the puppy? Source: AdobeStock.

As we already mentioned, the Breton Spaniel dog is a very popular breed these days. That way, it can be easy to find a kennel or breeder in your area that offers puppies of this breed for sale. Generally speaking, you should find these dogs with values ranging between R$1,500.00 and R$3,000.00.

In this sense, price variation is usually due to the sex of the animal, its ancestry or even its pedigree. In fact, it's interesting to look for references and recommendations for the place where you're going to buy your puppy, in addition to visiting it to make sure the kennel is safe.

This way, you can make sure that the lineage follows the breed standards, ensuring that the puppy is healthy as well as its ancestors. Therefore, avoid buying puppies over the internet, where you will not be able to verify this information, and may even end up funding animal cruelty. So stay tuned!

How big does it get and how long does it live?

First of all, the Brittany is a medium-sized dog, with very muscular and shapely legs. By the way, this is a characteristic of all Spaniel-type dogs, since their primary activities were hunting. Thus, these animals should be agile so that they could accompany their tutors during activities.

Generally speaking, the Breton Spaniel dog usually varies in size between 46 centimeters to 51 centimeters at the withers. In this sense, it is common for females to be smaller than males. Also, your weight should not exceed 25 kg, and it's important to keep an eye out so that your pet doesn't become obese.

By the way, the Breton Spaniel does not usually have many health problems. The breed is healthy, but some specimens may be prone to some types of disease, especially when older. For example, epilepsy, which can cause seizures, and hypothyroidism, which can make the animal obese.

What's more, older Spaniels can end up developing hip dysplasia, which causes pain and difficulty walking. Therefore, it is very important to keep veterinary appointments and routine exams up to date for a healthy prognosis. When well cared for, the Breton Spaniel can live up to 13 years.

How to breed a Breton Spaniel puppy?

Confira como cuidar desse cão. Fonte: AdobeStock.
Check out how to take care of this dog. Source: AdobeStock.

Well, if you liked the breed and are interested in acquiring a Brittany to become a member of your family, it is important to be aware of the personality of these animals to avoid unpleasant surprises. First, remember that the Breton Spaniel is a very active animal!

That is, you will need to have the time and energy to take him for a walk every day. In addition, this dog is very playful, which makes it the perfect breed for families with children of all ages. Being a very companionable animal, he likes to be close and participate in the activities of his tutors.

By the way, this breed has a great desire to please its family always! Therefore, they are obedient animals and can become sensitized depending on how they are treated. So, be patient and affectionate with your Breton Spaniel, and rest assured that he will be your best friend for the rest of his life.

Finally, these dogs are low maintenance, although they have thick, bushy coats. In that sense, a weekly brushing should be enough to keep the coat shiny and shiny. Incidentally, this is a striking feature of all Spaniels! How about meeting your English Springer Spaniel relative?

Well, this dog can be the perfect companion for anyone looking for a dog with a strong protective instinct! In addition, it is quite adaptable and can do well in smaller environments, as long as you take it for a walk on a daily basis. Access our content below and check out all the characteristics of this loving and playful Spaniel!

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