Cat food: 5 important questions!

Feeding cats needs special care. So today we brought 05 main questions and their answers about the feline diet!


Learn the 5 important questions about cat food

Alimentação para gatos
cat food

It is common for doubts to arise about the best food options for cats. After all, today there are countless types of food and ways to nourish them.

This is due to several reasons. For example, the plurality of industrial options. Also, the possibility of linking them to homemade alternatives. In addition, there are questions related to the possible individual restrictions of each feline.

This, of course, without mentioning the special conditions of the organism of cats. They should not consume some types of food while other types are essential for them. Still, there are those that are necessary, but in low quantity.

With so many specific details, cat food can be confusing. That's why today we've brought you some complete tips on how to take care of your feline's diet. With this, you can feed him without fear and knowing that he consumes the best foods!

1. What can cats eat besides food?

There are numerous foods that you can successfully introduce into your cat's diet. With them, you bring new nutrients to your everyday life. Even if you continue to use the feed, they are complementary.

So, see which foods can complement the feline diet without putting them in danger!

Meat in cat food

One of the ways to give cat food in addition to industrial feed is to bet on meat. However, there are essential precautions regarding choices, as well as preparation. Look:

  • Beware of very fatty meats and avoid pork, which can be toxic;
  • Always cook food before serving it;
  • Never use spices or salt. Cat food should be low in sodium, as they tend to develop kidney diseases;
  • Bet on giblets like gizzard, liver and heart. They are rich in iron and other important nutrients.

Therefore, using meat in cat food is a way to enrich the diet! With little care you can offer more health and well-being to the feline.

In addition, there are other tips that help in introducing meat to cats:

  • Serve the cooked meat in small pieces;
  • Remove the fish bones before serving them to avoid accidents;
  • Shred the chicken and fish meat;
  • Mix pieces of meat into the dry food to encourage them to eat more.

Other types of protein in cat food

Cats are naturally carnivores. Therefore, protein is the most important nutrient in your diet. However, it is possible to offer it in other ways. The best include boiled and chunky eggs. Also, low-fat yogurt.

In this case, the yogurt has no traces of milk. Likewise, it is low in fat. Serve no more than a few spoonfuls. Discard what he doesn't eat within an hour to avoid breeding harmful microorganisms.

2. How many times a day should cats eat?

Tipos de alimentação para gatos
Types of food for cats

The number of meals per day in cat food varies according to age. Also, with the weight of the pussy.

Regarding puppies, 3 to 4 daily meals are required. They have higher caloric expenditure. Already for adults, who spend less calories, 2 are enough. Thus, simply divide the number of grams of feed per day by the number of meals.

Cat castration also influences meals and the amount of food needed daily. Therefore, always consider the indications of the veterinarian and the manufacturer of the feed you use.

Cat food: what is it and how to choose?

Anyone who has a cat knows that when it's time to buy your cat's food, you're never quite sure which one to choose. Find out here!

3. Can you give the cat rice?

Veterinarians indicate that rice stays out of cat food. Despite being in the daily lives of humans, these grains have no nutritional value for felines. Therefore, they should not compose the kitty's plate.

However, if he accidentally ingested this food, there is no reason to panic. Despite not having an indication to compose the feline diet, rice does not cause indigestion or major problems.

4. Can you feed cats with milk?

This is a common mistake in treating cats. Many people associate felines with milk consumption. The image of a kitten drinking milk from a saucer is really cute, but it holds dangers.

After weaning, even as puppies, you should no longer include milk in cat food. This is because they develop lactose intolerance during growth. Thus, consumption of dairy products can cause reactions such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Equally, it can cause complications due to excess fat. So don't offer milk to the kitty.

5. What fruits can cats eat?

Alimentação para gatos
cat food

Kittens can have natural foods in their diets. This is interesting because of the high nutritional content. Fruits are among these options. Although some are harmful to cats, such as grapes and avocados, there are also those that are beneficial.

Check out the main ones and see how to include nutrients in your feline's daily diet!


Cat food can include apples. It improves the metabolism of felines and is very beneficial in the diet of obese kittens. Still, it brings essential vitamins, such as the B complex. Before serving it, however, remember to remove the seeds.


This food is quite interesting for feeding cats. It is composed primarily of water. Thus, it helps in the hydration of the kittens. In addition, it is rich in potassium, which is essential for the pet's muscle functions.

However, remember to remove the seeds before serving the fruit to your kitten.


Another fruit you can give cats to eat is melon. As with the previous ones, it is important to remove the seeds before serving it. Helps in hydration of kittens and improves digestion. Likewise, it increases the body's immunity.


Finally, cat food can also include banana. It is a source of important vitamins and minerals. Still, potassium, which helps in muscle functions and muscle development. However, because it has a lot of fructose (natural sugar), serve it in small doses and periodically.

Important recommendations for the feline diet

The health of cats depends on respecting the recommendations for a feline diet. Discover, below, the main ones for the well-being of kittens.

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