How to take the SENAC Massage Therapy Technician course?

SENAC's Massage Therapy Technical course offers a complete content grid with face-to-face classes. The student learns everything in a practical and simplified way. See how to register and secure your spot!


Find out how to take the SENAC Massage Therapy Technician course

Veja como fazer o curso no SENAC! Fonte: SENAC.
See how to take the course at SENAC! Source: SENAC.

Have you ever thought about achieving financial freedom with your own massage clinic? This is possible to achieve if you know how to take the Technical Course in Massage Therapy SENAC. Well, that way you can become a professional!

And, to further facilitate your process, below we direct you to the official page of SENAC for you to continue the registration. The process is simple and fast!


Massage therapy course


Eastern Technician

Learn all about massage in a practical and complete way with face-to-face classes!

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But if you're still not sure what needs to be done, don't worry. Follow a simple step-by-step guide on how to enroll in the SENAC Massage Therapy Technician course and guarantee your place in the new classes!

This way you can attract more and more clients to a successful career in the area of beauty and well-being. So, don't waste time and start improving your professional profile with the SENAC course!

Step by step to take the Technical Course in Massage Therapy SENAC

Confira o passo a passo e inscreva-se! Fonte: SENAC.
Check out the step by step and sign up! Source: SENAC.

Now that you know how worthwhile it is to take the Technical Course in Massage Therapy at SENAC, how about taking the opportunity to enroll? See below for a simple step-by-step and sign up!

Access the website

First, you can access the official page of SENAC. Then, choose the region of Brazil where you are located in the “Units” tab. Then click on the state where you reside.

Choose the course

As soon as the page loads, use the search field to find the Technical Course in Massage Therapy and click to access. Here you can check all prerequisites and course details before enrolling.


At the bottom of the page, select the city closest to you and check if there are open classes. Remember that the course is face-to-face and ideally you find the SENAC unit with the closest access.

So, when you find an available class, just click on “Buy” to register. SENAC facilitates your registration and you can even divide the payment into up to 38 installments of R$99.00.

Discover other online courses: SENAC Aesthetics Technical Course

In addition to becoming a masseur, you can still take the opportunity to take a Technical Aesthetics course at SENAC to work in different areas as a beautician. This way you will take care of the beauty and health of your customers!

By the way, SENAC offers face-to-face classes in the laboratory so that you can make better use of the content. Want to know how this course works? So just access the following to see all the details!

Logo azul SENAC

Technical Course in Aesthetics SENAC: find out!

The Technical Course in Aesthetics at SENAC has complete content with theoretical and face-to-face classes, in addition to practical activities in the laboratory. Then see more details!

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