Cosmetics market trends 2021: see here!

Knowing the trends in the cosmetics market in 2021 is essential, especially to stand out in the beauty market! Find out what they are here.


Discover the cosmetics market trends in 2021

Tendências do mercado de cosméticos 2021
Cosmetic market trends 2021

Firstly, it is essential to know what the trends in the 2021 cosmetics market are. If you work in the beauty market, you know the need to serve your customers in the best way.

When you know what these trends are, it becomes easier to adapt your business to that market. Also, this is the best way to stand out among competitors. 

One of the main decision points among clients is, without a doubt, storytelling. That is, where professionals create new stories and concepts to deliver to the beauty market. 

What's trending as cosmetics market trends 2021?

Since when the pandemic started, Brazilians' spending on some products and services has decreased. However, the beauty market has increased considerably, gaining prominence and generating more savings for the country.

With beauty salons closed, consumers resorted to investing in homemade dyes to put on their hair. In addition to the DIY application, that is, do it yourself, which has gained great prominence in recent months.

According to a study carried out by Corebiz, an agency from São Paulo, the national revenue of the cosmetics sector grew by around 68%.

In addition, according to GetNinjas, the hiring of these services accounted for more than 200,000. 

According to market experts, even though the covid-19 has impacted several sectors of the economy, the cosmetics market has grown significantly in recent months.

Not to mention that, even in the midst of difficulties, people seek general well-being.

Also, with cosmetics market trends in 2021, it's possible to observe that people took care of themselves even more.

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How is the beauty market in Brazil?

Tendências do mercado de cosméticos 2021
Cosmetic market trends 2021

Currently, one of the markets that is on the rise in Brazil is, without a doubt, cosmetics. In fact, one of the movements that drew the most attention in the market was the acquisition of Avon by Natura.

And at the same time, there are some trends in the cosmetics market in 2021, especially among small companies that are starting to gain prominence in the segment. 

So, whether small or large companies, both seek to transform the beauty sector in Brazil. This can be seen in the increasing consumption of these products and services. 

Currently, five companies dominate around 47% of the entire financial sector in the beauty area in Brazil, they are:

  • Natura & CO;
  • Boticário Group;
  • Unilever Group;
  • And the L'Oréal group
  • Colgate-Palmolive Co.

As for the number of companies in this segment registered by Anvisa, according to 2018 data, they totaled 2,794. Currently, due to the great prominence of the market in the economy, this number has increased and the tendency is for it to become greater. 

Over the next five years, taking into account the trends in the cosmetics market in 2021, experts predict around three highlights: digital engagement, attributes of organic and natural products, and also ethical positioning. 

Cosmetic market trends 2021

Tendências do mercado de cosméticos 2021
Cosmetic market trends 2021

Over the years, much has been heard about new trends in different sectors, such as fashion. The same occurs within one of the markets that most move the Brazilian economy, the beauty market. 

According to a survey carried out by ABIHPEC, the beauty market grew another 5.8% in 2020, even in the midst of the new coronavirus crisis. During this new year, cosmetics market trends in 2021 tend to generate more savings.

So, even though the crisis has hit different segments, the trends in the cosmetics market in 2021 are set to completely change the beauty market in Brazil.

The same happened during 2020, where no one expected sales to be high. 

The reason for this to happen has a special meaning: social isolation reinforced the importance of taking care of oneself. And, precisely for this reason, the products of this sector were very sought after.

The truth is, you've never heard so much about the need for skin care as after the self-care trend. 

According to data released by Abihpec, the entire cosmetics and personal hygiene industry has gained strength in recent months. You can even see a search for about 92% for face masks. 

In addition, it was also possible to analyze an increase of 14% on cosmetics against wrinkles, signs of aging and age and 8% on facial moisturizers.

All these numbers were higher than those reported in the previous year, that is, in 2020. Basically, the main trends for this year are:

  • Basic needs products, such as pads, deodorants, shampoos and soaps;
  • Products for specific treatments, such as perfumery, hair and others.

However, one of the sectors that most gained prominence in 2020 was undoubtedly the kit against covid-19. 

How can the economic crisis affect the beauty market?

The truth is that, since 2014, Brazil has gone through crises in several economic sectors. But this is not a reality within the beauty market, at least according to the observations of specialists over the last few years. 

However, due to the other financial crises, our country has dropped out of the ranking of the largest consumers of cosmetics in the world.

Currently, he is in fourth position, behind major powers such as the United States, China and Japan.

But the tendency is for us to conquer the top 3 again, mainly due to the cosmetic trends of recent years. That is, if you intend to enter a market that is only increasing, the beauty market is ideal for you!

There are still no exact statistics on the possible increase in placement, but there is a calculation of up to 3.5% of growth this year. 

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