6 reasons to adopt a pet: see the list!

Being a pet parent is great. But even better is having the possibility of adopting a pet! Here are some tips to help you make your decision to adopt your furry friend!


Discover 6 reasons to adopt a pet!

Então, veja porque ter um animal de estimação. Fonte: Pexels.
So, see why have a pet. Source: Pexels.

Adopting a pet can be an incredible experience for you and everyone who lives with you, but if you're still in doubt, here we show you 6 reasons to decide to adopt right now!

In fact, in Brazil there are an average of 185,000 animals abandoned under the care of NGOs. Thus, it is increasingly important not only to opt for adoption, but also to be sure that you can take care of a pet before adopting one.

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Also, many people avoid adoption because they want a pet of a specific breed. Or even because they want to adopt an animal that is still a puppy.

However, with this excessive number of abandoned animals, the variety of choice in adoption is quite large! So, let's learn more about the reasons to adopt a pet?

What are the 6 reasons to adopt a pet

Confira algumas razões para adotar seu pet. Fonte: Pexels.
Check out some reasons to adopt your pet. Source: Pexels.

First, it is important to reinforce that conscious adoption is an important tool to reduce the number of abandoned animals.

However, this is a super serious decision, which must be taken with the weight it has. Thus, it is only recommended to adopt an animal when you are able to offer everything it needs to live well.

In addition to all care such as food and health, this involves: love, affection, time, dedication.

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That is, if you are uncertain whether to adopt or not, the first step is to become aware of why you want a pet and whether you can provide everything it really needs.

Also, check with everyone who lives with you. This decision should be positive for everyone! Also, if you need help, check out some reasons to encourage you to adopt a pet right now!

save a life

The first reason worth mentioning for adopting a pet is that you are basically saving a life. That is, you will offer an opportunity to an animal that could be abandoned, starving or mistreated.

Furthermore, you will discover by experience the meaning of gratitude. Pets are usually very grateful and develop a very loving relationship with the owner who adopts them.

Yeah, many of them went through very bad situations before being rescued, so when they have a life change and receive love from a responsible guardian, pets only overflow love.

In addition, you help to reduce the number of abandoned animals, which already makes the world a better place!

help NGOs

This reason is directly linked to the previous one. That's because, by saving a pet's life and adopting a little animal, you indirectly help several NGOs.

Because, with the high rate of abandoned animals on the streets, NGOs are unable to help everyone. So, each adopted animal frees up space in a shelter so that another animal can be welcomed!

Did you see how adopting generates a chain of charity, love and benefits for everyone?

develop responsibility

Since we are talking about responsible adoption, this is a great reason to adopt a pet. Thus, having the responsibility of a living being that depends on you to live, generates a strong sense of responsibility.

This helps in many areas of life, especially sedentary and disorganized people.

For example, when adopting a pet, you will need to organize yourself and make time for outdoor walks. By the way, all this can improve your health considerably.


Adotar traz muitos benefícios! Fonte: Pexels.
Adopting brings many benefits! Source: Pexels.

One more reason to adopt a pet is the value. The commercialization of animals can be harmful in several ways. For example, many irresponsible people make undue crossings to profit from the pet.

Thus, in these cases, many animals may suffer mistreatment in the process. Also, prices are often exaggerated.

On the other hand, by adopting an animal, in addition to all the benefits we have already mentioned, you can also save money.

After all, most shelters do not charge anything, or are low values, used to help maintain the NGO itself. So, if you want an animal but don't have the money, adoption can be a great way out.

Best friend

Also, the main reason to adopt is that pets are our best friends. So, you'll have a companion to count on at all times, especially if they're dogs!

Also, an adopted pet doesn't judge you, it gives you love, affection and support in a reciprocal way. This is a unique feeling of affection and affection, which is priceless!

In addition, these pets will encourage their socialization. Adopted pets indirectly encourage people to become more active.


In addition to all these reasons, adopting a pet can help deal with various physical and psychological illnesses. 

Thus, many animals are used in the treatment of mental disorders such as depression! Yeah, they offer a different energy, minimizing stress.

In addition, much medical research indicates that children who live with pets develop a more resistant immune system. Thus, the child is less likely to have allergies, for example.

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