Best beauty courses in 2023 to invest

Learn the latest beauty trends and invest in the best courses for 2023! See here how easy it can be to invest in your future and guarantee a lucrative profession in this area that only grows in Brazil.


Turn your passion for beauty care into a successful career!

Veja quais são os melhores cursos de beleza deste ano. Fonte: Unsplash.
See which are the best beauty courses this year. Source: Unsplash.

Getting to know the best beauty courses in 2023 is a way to invest correctly in your future, because with them you can be more assertive and not waste time with in-depth knowledge that is not what you want to study.

Within the area of personal care, you can specialize in different fields: hair, makeup, nails, eyelashes, eyebrow design and others.

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Among the best courses available on the market today, there are those that present new techniques, but you can also choose those that teach traditional methods.

Below, then, check out which are the best beauty courses this year and learn how to invest your time and money in the best way. With them, direct your future and make a great choice that guarantees you profits soon!

What are the most popular beauty courses?

Veja quais são os melhores cursos de beleza deste ano. Fonte: Unsplash.
See which are the best beauty courses this year. Source: Unsplash.

Among the best beauty courses this year, we have:

  • Eyebrow design: it's a course that never goes out of style, after all eyebrows are always part of any production. Among the techniques available, we have traditional design, brow lamination, micro blinding and others;
  • Nail stretching: this is another of the best beauty courses in 2023. It is possible to learn various types of stretching, such as gel, porcelain and others;
  • Massage: this branch is also not left out of the list of the best beauty courses in 2023. Both for self-care and the search for balance and anxiety control, this course is increasingly gaining fans.
  • Eyelash design: whether for lengthening, increasing volume or simply for positioning the natural strands, there are several course options in this area.

Which course to take in 2023? See where to invest your career!

Qual curso fazer este ano? Fonte: Unsplash.
Which course to take this year? Source: Unsplash.

Finally, check out a list of five beauty courses in 2023 to invest your time and money. With them, you become professional or learn new techniques to add to your services.

perfect eyebrows

One of the best beauty courses in 2023 definitely belongs to Perfect Eyebrows. After all, here you will find a complete course taught by Jéssica Soares, a designer with more than 7 years of experience.

This course can be in cash or in more than one installment. During classes you will learn a series of teachings and techniques to master eyebrow design from scratch!

Although this course is aimed at beginners, it also introduces complex techniques, such as ombré henna, for example. So, be sure to consider this as one of the best beauty courses in 2023 to invest in.

Meet the Perfect Eyebrows course!

See everything about this complete online course that teaches you to have a full schedule as an eyebrow designer and more!

Makeup Course on Web 2.0

Another of the best beauty courses in 2023 is the Makeup on Web 2.0 course! It has 25 video classes, in addition to offering a 7-day guarantee for those who purchase it!

Thus, you learn with an included certificate and an exclusive VIP group to answer questions and exchange information. In addition, you have all the support and weekly challenges to fulfill, ending with evaluations of the applied techniques.

In addition, the course goes through interesting modules such as skin study, colorimetry and even a bonus module with exclusive tips from makeup artist Andreia Venturini. That is, it is very complete, with a promotional price of R$49.90.

Get to know the Makeup on Web 2.0 course!

Get to know the best-selling makeup course in Brazil, with different techniques and a VIP area for students, with a certificate!

Faby Cardoso manicure course

The third of the best beauty courses in 2023 belongs to instructor Faby Cardoso. The course is online and has several interesting modules, such as:

  • Cutilage;
  • Stainless enamelling;
  • perfect Francesinha;
  • Perfect feet;
  • Tips for busy schedule all year round.

Best of all, you still receive a manicure certificate and several bonuses at the end of the course! And you only need to pay the promotional price of R$99 upfront!

Thus, you become a professional for a low price without leaving home. With classes on this platform you can learn, from scratch, how to prepare fingernails and toenails.

Learn more about the Faby Cardoso Manicure Course

See how this online course can help you become a professional manicure and pedicure without leaving home!

Lotus nail professional course

What makes this one of the best beauty courses in 2023 is that you'll have access to 4 incredible techniques for the price of 1! Whether you are starting in the area, or if you are already a professional and want to improve your techniques, this course is for you!

Available on the Hotmart platform, you can access all the online content to learn at your own pace, without even leaving your home. The content has an excellent cost benefit, with a value of R$44.90 that you can pay in up to 5 installments.

With it, you will have access to video lessons, didactic material and even a certificate at the end of the content! So, if you are looking to become a professional in the area, the course is a great starting point.

Logo Lotus Beauty Training

Lotus Nail Professional Course: discover the course

By taking the Lotus Nail Professional Course you will learn how to do Stretching, Nail Design, in addition to becoming a successful Manicure and Pedicure.

Larissa Daniele Eyelash Extension Course

Finally, the last beauty course for 2023 that we brought is the Eyelash Extension taught by Larissa Daniele. Classes cost only R$297 and come with a series of bonuses for you to learn how to open and maintain your business.

Still, the course has several different techniques, as well as the step by step for using all of them. So even beginners can use this alternative! That is, it can also be an excellent option to learn!

Propaganda do curso Larissa Daniele

See Larissa Daniele Eyelash Lengthening Course

Larissa Daniele's Eyelash Stretching course brings 24 complete classes on the subject for you to learn everything from the basic level! Meet the!

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