Diseases that attack cats: what are they? See 5 of them!

Cat tutors should be aware of diseases that attack cats. After all, they put the well-being and health of pets at risk. See more about them below.


Find out what are the most common diseases that attack cats

Doenças que atacam gatos
Diseases that attack cats

Do you know the diseases that most attack cats? Felines, as well as other animals and humans, are also predisposed to some types of diseases.

Therefore, those responsible for their guardianship should be aware. This attention is focused both on prevention and on any signs that your cat is sick. However, if you don't know what to do or how to recognize these signs, don't worry.

Today we bring you some crucial tips for feline well-being. With them you give your pet the best treatment possible. In addition, it guarantees his happiness and maximum longevity with quality of life.

Keep reading, then, to check which are the diseases that most attack cats. Also, what to do in case of their imminence. Likewise, of course, how to prevent them from appearing so that your kitten is always safe.

How to protect cats from diseases?

Protecting your cat requires some specific care. They turn to food, preventive care and consultations. They also include other measures, such as limiting the movement of the cat to the streets.

Go to the vet often

First, of course, you need to take your cat to the vet for regular appointments. Thus, it will be possible to detect any diseases and changes in behavior. For this, exams are essential.

Still, the veterinarian is the professional who administers the doses of vaccines for your kitten. And these are essential to avoid the diseases that attack cats, as they are preventive.

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See how to enrich feline food with recipes for cats. With them you complement the meals and ensure the well-being of the pet.

Nutrition and hydration care

Cat food makes all the difference in relation to its health. For example, know that cats are predisposed to urinary and kidney diseases. Therefore, they should not consume salt. The food must have balance and the main nutrients for the organism of cats. 

Also, cats need to stay hydrated. However, cats are a bit averse to hydration. They usually consume little water. To change this scenario, consider investing in an electric water fountain. They influence greater consumption and hydration.

Use screens to restrict feline movement to the streets

Still, some of the diseases that most attack cats are transmitted by blood. That is, in contact with an infected animal. Therefore, do not let your cat move freely between the house and the street.

After all, when he exposes himself he increases the risks of getting into a fight. And these invariably end up in scratches, blood and bruises. Likewise, by restricting circulation you prevent him from feeding on other animals.

Therefore, it is a way to avoid leptospirosis. This disease has the feline as the final host. To get to it, it infects mice. Therefore, when your cat feeds on the street, it may be infected.

In this way, be sure to invest in screens or a cattery, if you live at home. Your feline is thus not exposed to the dangers that the streets offer them. In addition to those listed above, we cannot fail to mention pedestrian accidents and even violent acts.

neuter your cat

Finally, to prevent your feline from the diseases that most attack cats, neuter him. This makes you more relaxed and less fussy. That is, the chances of him trying to escape and exposing himself to worldly dangers decrease.

Do cats transmit diseases?

Quais são as doenças que atacam gatos?
What are the diseases that attack cats?

Yes. Although the subject is surrounded by myths, felines can transmit diseases to humans and other felines. However, we can also transmit zoonosis-like diseases to them.

For example, feline leukemia (Felv) is only transmitted between cats. She poses no danger to humans. However, toxoplasmosis, for example, is transmissible to us. To avoid it, then, don't let it circulate outside the house.

Already cat scratch (Bartonelese) tends to cause infections on site due to bacteria. Therefore, it is necessary to be careful in this type of situation. The same goes for bites, as cat saliva can be toxic.

The diseases that most attack cats: know 5!

Doenças que atacam gatos
Diseases that attack cats

As we mentioned earlier, there are some diseases that attack cats more frequently. See what they are, in the items below, and how to prevent them.


Cats are prone to obesity. Although plump cats are very attractive and cute, this can be a health risk. With uncontrolled weight gain, he can develop bigger problems. For example, diabetes and heart disorders.

To prevent obesity a balanced diet is essential. If your cat is gaining weight uncontrollably, be sure to consult a veterinarian. He will indicate the diet and activities for your feline to get back to healthy shape.

kidney stone

Another of the diseases that attack cats frequently is kidney stones. It affects feline kidneys with the formation of mineral pebbles that are in the body. This, in turn, tends to cause discomfort and pain. Furthermore, it can progress to dramatic situations such as infections.

To prevent kidney stones in cats, you must be careful with their food. They must not contain added salt. They also require balance. Still, seek to encourage your cat to drink water. Hydration is essential in fighting kidney problems.

FILV – Feline Viral Immunodeficiency

Filv is one of the diseases that attack cats frequently. Some know it as feline AIDS. This is due to the fact that it impairs the feline immune system. With that, they are at the mercy of infections and diseases.

She has viral origin and transmission only from cat to cat. Thus, it occurs by saliva, blood and reproductive relationships between cats. 

FELV – Feline Viral Leukemia

While Filv is feline AIDS, Felv is leukemia in cats. In that case, they also have immunological difficulty. Transmission is via saliva. To avoid Felv and Filv, diseases that attack cats, their circulation must be restricted.

But not only that. When adopting a cat, testing for these diseases is essential. Contaminated cats pose no risk to humans. However, they should only live with animals that also test positive for these diseases.

Renal insufficiency

Finally, the disease that attacks cats that closes our list is kidney failure. Again, she turns to cats' problems with their kidneys and hydration.

However, it can cause diarrhea and dehydration. Also, anemia. Prevention takes place in the same way as for kidney stones.

Feline health problems: see 8 important tips

If you have a cat, don't miss our tips on feline health problems. With them, you prevent diseases and ensure the well-being of the kitty!

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