Yoga-Go app: yoga to lose weight!

Yoga-Go is an opportunity for you to create the habit of exercising frequently. Access beginner or even advanced videos whenever and wherever you want!


Make your routine healthier with Yoga-Go, and access hundreds of videos with different exercises!

Então, conheça mais sobre o app e faça exercícios! Fonte: Yoga-Go.
So, learn more about the app and exercise! Source: Yoga-Go.

Yoga-Go is an app that redefines your fitness experience by offering a personalized approach! This is because the app offers a brief but complex questionnaire to understand your needs.

So, imagine having more than 600 exercises in your hands! This is not limited to practicing yoga, but also to toning strength training, pilates and much more. The goal is not just your body, but also your mind.




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Improve your physical fitness and mental health by practicing yoga!

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This is because this physical activity generates results against stress, also improving mental health, and helping you sleep more easily. Plus, you get into the habit of exercising.

Want to know how the app works and if it's really worth it? Read on and discover how Yoga-Go is redefining the meaning of personalized fitness with its workouts.

What is the Yoga-Go app and how does it work?

The Yoga-Go app is an essential tool for anyone who wants to transform their habit of practicing yoga and physical exercise. This is because, in addition to having a very wide variety of activities, it is challenging.

The thirty-day challenge aims to motivate you, leaving you prepared to create this habit. This is a great alternative for sedentary people who want to start exercising, whether to lose weight or for health reasons.

Thus, the application has several classes on different topics that you can choose from. There are more than 600 different exercises including pilates, yoga, abdominal training and fitness. Plus, you also do facial yoga! 

Is it worth using the Yoga-Go app daily?

Mas, será que é bom mesmo? Fonte: Google Play.
But is it really good? Source: Google Play.

Yoga-Go is an app that could be really worth it if you are interested in losing weight, getting healthier and starting practical physical activity without having to leave home! Therefore, it is suitable for all levels.

In fact, this app has a 4.7 star rating on Google App and more than 10 million downloads, which is a great result for a physical exercise app, especially focused on yoga.

Furthermore, it is also possible to download it on the iOS system. In other words, you can access it at any time from your device!


The main advantage of the Yoga-Go app is how easy it is to use it without leaving home. Furthermore, another positive point is that it has a wide variety of exercises, more than 600 in different areas.

As we said, everyone can access it. So, whether you are an advanced yoga practitioner or a beginner who wants to discover the secrets of this physical activity, everyone will find content on the app.

Furthermore, you have access to specialized training, targeted at you according to the answers you provide in your test. You can focus on improving what you want in your life such as sleep, tiredness, weight loss and more!


The main disadvantage involving the Yoga-Go app is the fact that it is paid! This makes access difficult. But, you can subscribe in several ways. If you opt for the annual option, the savings are considerable, more than 70% discount!

Another criticism made by some users on digital platforms is that the application does not allow you to create your own workouts. It's always the app that assembles according to your interests.

This can be a bit bad if you are already experienced.

Yoga-Go app: how to download and exercise?

Então, veja o passo a passo para começar a usar! Fonte: AdobeStock.
So, see the step-by-step guide to start using it! Source: AdobeStock.

Downloading the Yoga-Go app is easy. So, first access your smartphone's app store, whether iOS or Android. So, search for the name of the application in the search field and when you find it, click “install”.

Then, just wait for the download process. When the application is installed on your cell phone, click on the icon and start using it. In fact, you will need to choose between creating an account or logging in with yours.

If you need to create a new account, you will need to answer an approximately 3-minute questionnaire to personalize your experience. Then, enter some personal data such as gender, body type and other information.




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Improve your physical fitness and mental health by practicing yoga!

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Step by step to use the Yoga-Go app!

When accessing the app, you enter the areas you want to work on, such as your abdomen, back, arms, etc. Other information includes your yoga skill level, sedentary lifestyle, your goals, weight, height and BMI.

The app will personalize your experience with this information. Then, you will need to subscribe to one of the available plans. Remembering that, if you choose the monthly option, you must pay R$ 74.99. However, the annual fee is only R$14.99 per month.

After selecting the option and confirming payment in the app store, you can start using the application directly. Thus, you will have exercises and even a search field to find what you want!

Discover other recommendations: free Facial Yoga apps!

Did you enjoy knowing all the details about the Yoga-Go app? This is a great app for anyone who wants to start exercising without having to leave home or spend a fortune.

Furthermore, yoga is an ancient practice that helps not only improve the physical, but also the mental, psychological and spiritual health of its practitioners. By the way, did you know that there is yoga aimed at the facial area?

With facial yoga you keep your facial skin healthy, exercised and young. So, how about finding out about the best app options available to you? There are several exercises and resources! See the best below!

Mulher tocando dedo na testa de olhos fechados

Free facial yoga apps: your skin younger!

Have you heard of yoga but don't know what facial yoga is? Here we will explain what this practice is, and how it helps you keep your skin healthy and rejuvenated!

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