TikTok dogs: meet the most famous dogs!

TikTok dogs are responsible for captivating and attracting the attention of platform users! One of the platforms of the moment, TikTok is full of content that appeals to all audiences, including dog lovers! Check out the best dog profiles on TikTok here!


Discover all about TikTok's dogs

Cachorros do TikTok
TikTok Dogs

TikTok is a big trend today! And TikTok's dogs are one of the platform's attractions.

However, a modality that is gaining more and more space, especially among pet owners, are TikTok dogs.

With a large amount of likes, views and followers, know which are the TikTok dogs.

What are the most famous dogs on TikTok: see 10!

Cachorros do TikTok
TikTok Dogs

The videos are cute and endearing, and the first step to falling in love with this type of content is to look for the top dog accounts on the platform.

Believe me, the creation of each video is full of love and care, to overflow your day with lots of joy!

Some videos are made while driving, others in high jump! You can't miss the laid-back looks, and that good humor of the Brazilian.

The truth is that TikTok's dog scene is stealing the platform's spotlight! If you are more of an admirer or guardian of these animals, discover a selection of the 10 dogs on TikTok:

1. Golden Retriever

One of the most beloved breeds among TikTok dogs is the Golden Retriever. Not least, these dogs always seem to be ready for the cameras, in addition to being super friendly. 

This breed of animal is friendly, obedient and loving. And, due to this obedience, it is common to find them in videos wearing ties, suits and sunglasses, leading them to obtain several views.

2. German Shepherd

Even if they are not one of the dog breeds on TikTok that generate the most views for owners, German shepherds are as loyal as golden retrievers, catching the attention of users.

These dogs are known for their great loyalty, in addition to having a great disposition to take care of their owners. And, despite these characteristics, many people tend to be deceived by the look, thinking that it is a ferocious animal.

What makes these TikTok dogs famous is their hilarious reactions, as well as featuring repetitive motions.

3. Chihuahua

Despite being a small-built animal, the Chihuahua has a big personality, which makes it one of the top dogs on TikTok!

When these dogs display their protective personality, they tend to be hilarious! However, they are expressive, making them great for shooting with looks.

Viral pet videos from the internet: Top 10

Do you know the top viral pet videos? Meet the main ones today and be enchanted with so much charm and cuteness of dogs and cats.

4. Pug

Among the dogs on tiktok, Pug is one of the most sought after, the love of their tutors spreads throughout the network! And since they are affectionate and charismatic, they conquer everyone.

And, according to reports and data collected by expert websites, this breed generates huge views, especially on TikTok. 

5. French Bulldog

Bred to become great companions for humans, the French bulldog is a bright and affectionate animal. 

These dogs are curious, in addition to attracting the attention of TikTok platform users. However, it is a breed known for barking little.

6. Rottweiler

Most people consider Rottweilers to be extremely aggressive, which is not true. Although they are trained to serve as soldiers and police dogs, this does not make them all aggressive.

TikTok is currently proving that what most people think is a lie! Fortunately, today it is possible to find footage demonstrating the true joy and companionship of these animals. 

7. Pomeranian

The Pomeranian breed is not only famous on TikTok, but also on other social video networks in the world. The reason for this is simple: these dogs are quite possibly the cutest breed in existence. 

However, a good example of this is the dog known as Jiff Pom, who started his career on Instagram and today has more than 20 million followers on his official TikTok page. 

And just like the Chihuahua, this breed is small, good-natured and extremely powerful!

8. Poodle

Even if, at first, it seems like a breed of extreme extravagance, the Poodle is known for its intelligence and, above all, its great sense of humor.

In addition, these animals are ranked among the top 20 most profitable dogs in the world, proving how much this breed can offer to their owners.

9. Labrador – one of the most wanted tiktok dogs

One of the most playful breeds in the world, the Labrador has the energy to keep you entertained all day long. 

And even if you don't try, your Labrador will stay in shape. 

Finally, the love of these animals is shown in different ways, including lying on the tutor to rest.

10. Great Dane

The Great Dane is an extremely famous breed, especially among children. Also, their kindness is a great aspect of these animals, despite their large size.

In addition, this is one of the dogs that most likes to receive affection from their tutors.

But in times of need, this dog proves to be fearless, courageous and, at all times, loyal to its owners.

Bonus on TikTok Dogs: The Mutt

Cachorros do TikTok
TikTok Dogs

Among so many breed options, one of the most famous dogs among TikTok users is, without a doubt, the mongrel. 

Yeah, all races of animals were created from assisted reproduction. Therefore, all were mestizos at some point in history. The same occurs with mixed breed dogs, also known as mutts.

The only difference is that, among these animals, the crossing is not always deliberate, results in an animal not so foreseen.

And, although many people prefer pedigreed dogs, most tutors have a mutt under their care, which, in addition to being cute, is extremely affectionate and companionable.

In addition, there is no breed that is more popular among Brazilians! Finally, among all regions of Brazil, it is possible to find these animals raised with the greatest care and love, being a complete mix.

So these are all the most popular races among TikTok users. 

Viral pet videos from the internet

Do you know the top viral pet videos? Meet the main ones today and be enchanted with so much charm and cuteness of dogs and cats.

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