English bulldog: learn all about this dog breed!

The English bulldog is one of the most beloved dogs in the world. Learn more about its charms and learn how to create one at home!


Find out about the English Bulldog breed

Buldogue inglês
english bulldog

The English bulldog breed enchants wherever it goes. With their characteristic drooping eyes and cheeks, their strengths go far beyond appearance. Meet!

The breed originates in England, as the name already indicates. Today, by the way, they serve as true mascots and symbols of the English country. Despite this, of course, they spread all over the world, being common even in Brazil.

In addition, the breed has records since the 18th century. Interested in her? So keep reading to see all about this adorable dog. You'll see how appearances can be deceiving, see how to take care of them and lots of curiosities.

What is the English Bulldog puppy?

English bulldogs are characterized by being medium-sized. They are brown to white in color, with a black, flat, and pointed snout. In addition, its paws and chest are usually lighter than the rest of its body.

Another outstanding feature of this dog is its strong muscles. Join them, then, the drooping cheeks and the various folds on the body.

How much does an English bulldog dog cost?

Buldogue inglês
english bulldog

These dogs are sold for high prices. Because they are purebred dogs, don't expect to find them at adoption fairs, for example. Thus, to have a bulldog to call your own, you may need to spend between R$ 3 thousand and R$ 8 thousand.

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How big is this breed?

The size of dogs of this breed ranges from 30 to 40 centimeters in height. Also, they are medium sized dogs. Therefore, their weight ranges from 22 to 30 kg, which is largely due to the massive presence of muscles.

Facts about the English Bulldog breed

Still, dogs of this breed keep several very interesting curiosities. They go back from their origin to behavior. Also, for its presence in pop culture, among other things.

To begin with, let's go to the origin of these dogs. Although there are some controversies, experts agree that the breed descended from dogs that were used with bulls in England.

In that case, they served to annoy them and generate entertainment. This then generated a fight between these animals. Still, many producers believed that this practice helped tenderize the bull's meat for later slaughter.

This practice, however, was prohibited. This nearly drove the English bulldog to extinction. However, it did not occur due to the efforts of lovers of this breed of dogs. She conquered the world and in doing so ensured her survival.

Also, English bulldogs are interesting because they have a closed expression. But in truth, your behavior has none of that! They love to play, just like they love humans.

In this regard, a curiosity stands out. English bulldogs are attached to family and home. However, he will always choose one person in the house as his favorite. And so it will practically stick to your favorite. A real keychain!

The English bulldog still preserves some curiosities of its behavior. For example, he is friendly. However, it can resist learning tricks and training activities because it is extremely stubborn.

Finally, we could not fail to mention that the English bulldog has permeated our imagination for some time. After all, this is Spike, the dog from the Tom & Jerry cartoon that was very successful in Brazil

How to breed an english bulldog?

Buldogue inglês
english bulldog

Well, now that you know the characteristics, curiosities, size and value of the bulldog, it remains to know how to raise him. Dogs of this breed, like many others, have special conditions that require attention.

First, bulldogs tend to develop a number of canine diseases. Among the main ones are:

  • Coxofemoral Dysplasia (problems fitting the hip joint);
  • Dry eyes;
  • Stenotic nostrils (closer, which hinders breathing);
  • Joint problems in knees and shoulders;
  • Elbow and patella problems;
  • Dermatitis.

All of this, then, requires specific care. For example, due to dry eyes and narrower nostrils, the English bulldog is not given to racing. Equally, to the most intense exercises.

Who intends to get a dog for company in physical activities such as running, for example, does not find the best option in the bulldog. Still, there is a need for care in relation to activities in the heat.

Even if it is not ideal for racing, the English bulldog also needs exercise, even if it is light. But walks with him should not take place on very hot days. This tends to tire you out even more, as well as make it harder for you to breathe and lubricate your eyes.

As for the tendency to develop dermatitis, this is due to its folds. Among them, it is normal for bacteria and fungi to proliferate, which are harmful. Thus, this area requires daily cleaning.

See more about creation

To create an English bulldog, it is also necessary to keep in mind that he can be very sociable with humans. But this is not necessarily the case with other animals. Since he is territorial, he may be bothered by the presence of other pets.

To get used to it, then, try to adapt it with other animals from childhood. That is, as long as he's a puppy. After all, introducing other animals into adulthood is more difficult. Especially because in addition to being territorial, he is quite stubborn.

Other essential points in raising a bulldog is care for veterinary visits. Since they are prone to developing some diseases, prevention is crucial. So remember to take it for periodic visits.

Add to that the need to invest in quality food. Because they have some health problems (or propensity for them) it is possible to use special feeds. With this, the balance of nutrients and the promotion of the health of the pet is guaranteed.

Finally, an English bulldog requires space, especially as it is medium-sized. In addition, it requires affection, attention, comfort and lots of love. With all this it is possible to raise them without major problems and guaranteeing all the well-being of your pet.

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