Cuticle softener: understand why you should use it

Do you know the cuticle softener? This is a product that helps a lot when removing the excesses of this skin on the nails, be sure to check it out!


Find out what the cuticle softener was designed for and start using it

Cuidados com as cutículas
cuticle care

The cuticle softener is a product for practicing manicure. He is dedicated to improving the extraction of their excess on the nail.

Removing excess cuticles is a natural step in nail care. This allows them to look more beautiful. Also, that the enamelling becomes more homogeneous. The appearance of the nails, therefore, depends on this extraction.

There are several products for this. One of the best is the cuticle softener. As its name implies, it is dedicated to making them soft. That is, to facilitate the extraction of excesses that are on the nails.

The development of this type of product occurred for several reasons. First, because it is more effective than the use of moisturizers. Thus, it has properties that soften your cuticles more quickly.

While speeding up the process, this product is also more effective. In other words, it more completely softens the skins that are hanging over the nail. All this, incidentally, without putting them in danger.

So be sure to learn more about the product. Not only can your nail care process be faster. It can also be more effective. With that, in the end the result is more beautiful and stronger nails.

What is the cuticle softener used for?

This product is dedicated to softening the cuticle. To better understand this importance, it is necessary to know the structure of the nail.

The cuticle is nothing more than a kind of protective skin. Thus, it has an internal part. This is on the inside of the finger and nail. On the other hand, it also protrudes over the nail. This projection can make it difficult to glaze. It also influences the beauty of the nails.

Therefore, it is natural that in the manicure process there is the removal of this skin that stands out. To do so, it is first necessary to soften it. And this is exactly where the cuticle softener comes in.

Although it is possible to soften them using warm water and moisturizer, this process is less complete. This is due to two aspects. First, these products are slower acting. Second, they may not completely soften the skin.

Thus, not infrequently not using a softener can lead to accidents. They match the cuts of parts that should not be extracted from the nails. Also, they can leave lint that completely interfere with the beauty of enamelling.

Also, know that the cuticle softener also works to hydrate the area. This will prevent the region from drying out. Also, it can remove all part of the dead skin. The extraction, in this way, is limited only to the part that really should be targeted by it.

What is the difference between cuticle remover and softener?

Amolecendo a cutícula
softening the cuticle

Today there are numerous products on the market that are aimed at manicure. Therefore, they can cause confusion. This occurs even by the similarity between names. This is the case, then, with cuticle remover and softener.

The remover, as the name implies, removes this skin. Thus, it acts on the application site. Afterwards, it does not require the use of pliers, but only that a spatula be passed over the nail.

The cuticle softener is the product that makes this part of the skin soft. He drops it off the nail. From this, you must run a spatula over the nail. Then remove, with the aid of pliers, the part that lifts.

Therefore, one is dedicated to removing this skin. Another only performs part of the removal and care procedure. He softens it so that there is the use of pliers.

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Understand a little more about it

And why, then, not use the product that does the complete job? There are contraindications for the use of removers due to their formulas. They are full of substances that are harmful to health. They can even cause poisoning if ingested.

There are several reports of the use of removers that resulted in burning and stinging of the skin. Also, in reddening. Thus, these products have in their formula agents that are harmful. Including, they tend to weaken nails and dehydrate them.

All of this is bad for nail health. That is, the use of a cuticle remover can greatly harm their beauty and integrity. On the other hand, the cuticle softener does not have these types of ingredients.

It hydrates your skin and your nail. Just unglue it from the part where it overlaps the nail, without decomposing it or anything like that. In this way, it is an alternative that helps in your care process, unlike the remover.

How important is it to moisturize the cuticles?

Importância dos cuidados com as unhas
Importance of nail care

The cuticle softener is used to loosen the remaining layer of cuticle from the nail. Therefore, it helps to direct what should or should not be removed. This is important because the cuticle itself is crucial to the health of the hands.

She is the one who prevents the entry of fungi and microorganisms. It's like sealing the entrance of our nails. Therefore, its extraction should not be complete or invasive. Control of this removal is possible with the softener.

That way, you also need to hydrate the remaining cuticle. This allows it to stay strong and not dry out. Also, it prevents breakage of the cuticle and even of the nails. Therefore, be sure to use moisturizing creams and oils on your nails and cuticles.

How to use cuticle softener?

This is very easy. After filing your nails and cleaning them, apply the product on the cuticles (at the edges of the nail). Then let it act between 3 and 5 minutes. At that moment, lightly pass a spatula over the nail, in its outline.

Cut the little pieces of skin that stick out with pliers (and only them!). To do this, hold the tool between your index finger and thumb. Start by removing the skins from one corner. Follow a movement of the shape of the nail, where the skins for extraction are.

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