Feline love: 10 ways your cats show they love you


Have you ever wondered how cats show they love you? Discover the 10 most common feline behaviors that reveal how they feel!

1. Cats show love with slow blinks

In general, when cats encounter strangers or other cats, they greet them with a steady gaze. Whenever your cat slowly blinks at you, consider yourself loved. You can reciprocate by slowly blinking back to your cat as a way of communicating that you also love him.

2. Grooming

That cats have grooming habits for hygiene, we all know. But if your cat usually tries to groom you, that means he is showing affection and he accepts you as part of his family. Licking is also a way for your cat to claim you as his “property.”

3. Headbutts

In short, headbutting is also a way for your cat to “mark” you as his property. Your cat has glands on his face that secrete pheromones, as a way to signal familiarity and mark territory.

is also a way for your cat to “mark” you as his property. Your cat has glands on his face that secrete pheromones, as a way to signal familiarity and mark territory.

4. Hanging out around you

If your cat follows you around the house, this is a sign that your cat wants to be with you. Even cats that are not extremely affectionate demonstrate love simply by being in the same room as you. It is a subtle way for your cat to say that he loves you.

5. Cats show love bringing you “gifts”

We know how unpleasant it is to find out that your cat has brought a dead rat or bird home, but to your feline, that’s a way to get your approval. It is essential not to punish him when this happens since for him this is one way to show you affection.

6. Waiting for you to come home

It’s not just the dogs that wait for their owners to come home. Most cats attached to their owners react enthusiastically when, for instance, they hear the car in the garage or the sound of the key in the door. If your cat waits for you at the door when you return home, that means he missed you!

7. Exposing their bellies

When your cat exposes his belly in your presence, he is signaling that he trusts you and feels safe enough to lower his guard. Showing his belly means exposing his most vulnerable part.

8. Cats show love with their tails

Many cats use their tails in the form of question mark or upright to greet people they like. It shows affection, trust, and familiarity.

9. Kneading

This instinctive gesture originates from birth when your cat kneaded her mother to stimulate the flow of milk. So when your cat gets older, this act shows contentment, delight, and worship. This is one of the greatest expressions of love your cat can give you.

10. Love bites

Although it is not one of the most common signs, if your cat usually gives you gentle bites, he is trying to bond and show you affection!

Remember that cats show affection in subtle ways, but that doesn’t mean they don’t love you as much as you love them.

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