Adidas Free Trial: Try the best products before they hit the market!

If you are a sports enthusiast or just like the products offered by Adidas, you might want to know a way to try the best products and even have the opportunity to, perhaps, keep them! Come find out more in our review!


With Adidas Product Testing you can try out the biggest news in sports: shoes and clothes await you!

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Discover the Adidas free trial! Source: Adidas.

If you want a new Adidas product on your doorstep, come and check out the Adidas free trial! Also known as Adidas Product Testing, this is a unique opportunity to access the brand's best products.

Obviously, it is not just Adidas that has such a program to maintain the quality and functionality of its products. But, we are here for the sports and brand enthusiasts!


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So, have you ever wondered how Adidas products are improved before they hit the shelves? In addition to all the research, quality and internal testing, there is also external testing, with people like you!

In other words, you can be part of the Adidas journey, receiving products, testing them and sending exclusive feedback! Furthermore, in some cases you may be able to keep the product! Want to know more? So, come check out our review!

What is the Adidas free trial?

Now let's explain the smallest details! The Adidas free test is a way for the brand to maintain the quality of its products by testing it on a daily basis with ordinary people, its customers who use different items!

Therefore, Adidas offers both sneakers and clothing that can be tested for those who practice different physical activities. In other words, if you play football, basketball, walking, tennis or other sports, you will find products for testing.

However, not everyone who signs up gets the benefit of testing the products! Furthermore, one of the big disadvantages is that most of the time, you only keep the product for a month and then have to return it to Adidas!

But is the Adidas free trial worth it?

Is the Adidas free trial worth it? This is a question that will depend on your intentions! A priori it is important to say that you do not receive financial compensation and as we said, you do not keep the product in most cases.

Furthermore, it is very difficult to be selected and you will need to be very careful with the brand's forms to meet the expected feedback standards! In other words, it will be a lot of work.

But, you won't need to spend a single penny and you will receive the most modern and interesting products right at your doorstep. And, if you have to return it, shipping will also be paid for. Plus, you might be able to win the product!

How does Adidas Product Testing work: the brand's free test?

Site adidas mostrando como testar produtos grátis
How the Adidas free trial works. Source: Adidas

Now if all the information we have offered seems to have interested you, let's find out how you can access the Adidas free trial? All you need to do is access the program's website and fill out the form.

Either way, this can be complicated, so we're going to show you a step-by-step guide to all the steps involved in this program! Furthermore, it is necessary to meet some requirements, let's check?


Adidas Product Testing is only available in some countries, in this case, the United States and some European countries. Unfortunately, if you are outside of that location you cannot access the free trial.

In addition, you must be over 18 years old, have access to the internet, have an email, know how to read and write in English, and commit to providing data about your physical activities during the requested test period.

You cannot test any products from competing brands, nor have you participated in any Adidas program in the last year. Furthermore, all information is confidential and you cannot disclose it!

The three steps to register for the Adidas free trial!

First, visit the Adidas free trial website. Then select the continent you live on, remember that they only have Europe and America available. Then, click on the blue “get started” button. 

Then, choose the type of product between footwear and clothing. Then, mark your gender. You will need to inform your interests in sports and they will be carried out according to your profile! It's all very simple!

In fact, if there are no products in the middle of the form that match your characteristics, the form will close. However, if you make it to the end, just wait for Adidas to contact you via email so you can take the test!

Adidas free trial step by step!

Remember that completing the form is no guarantee that you will be called. But, if you receive an email from Adidas Product Testing, simply click on the invitation and confirm your participation. 

The product will then be delivered to your home with a return label at the end of the 2 to 4 week trial period. Adidas will also give you specific instructions on use and testing.

Therefore, keep an accurate record of your activities, hours, frequency, type and intensity. Everything Adidas needs to evaluate the product after testing. Then, fill out a detailed form about the entire period of use.

In fact, the survey comes to you by email! Finally, you will need to use the return label and return the item to Adidas. But at least the entire process is completely free!

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Did you like finding out how Adidas' free trial program works? It's all very easy and practical and you can receive the products at your home! It's a great chance for athletes on duty, right?

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