Looking for a funeral plan for your pet...

Senhor Gato's recommendation for you is the Pet Céu crematorium.

Pet Heaven: a destination worthy of your pet!


The Pet Céu crematorium is a great funeral option for your pet. Pet Céu offers a preventive plan and collective cremation. Additionally, you can request other services and products, such as renting space in the cinema and even taxidermying your pet!


You will remain in the same website

Check out some advantages of choosing the Pet Céu crematorium!

Different types of cremation;
Cinemarium Rental;
Optional taxidermy;
Discount for more than one pet;

You will remain in the same website

There are three cremation plans: Individual cremation; Collective cremation; Preventive Plan; The preventive plan is carried out within the same parameters as individual cremation. However, it has discount benefits!

In addition to the basic collective or individual cremation services, Pet Céu offers other options, such as: Cinerário; Stuffing; Collection of the animal's body; Wake room; Cremation certificate; Urns, scapulars, accessories and other products;

There are some payment methods available, such as installments by credit card, pix or cash. Furthermore, if you choose the preventive plan, you have the possibility of paying in 12 installments. In fact, you get a discount of 15% on this plan. And, if you buy for more than one animal, you can get other reductions!

When carrying out the cremation, you have the right to use the Pet Céu cinerary for 60 days. After this period, you can either rent the space with annual payments or take the ashes with you. However, if you rent the space, you can personalize it by taking photos and your pet's favorite toys.

Did you think Pet Céu is a good option to help you with the death of your pet? So, better find out how to hire the services of this crematorium!

Thus, you can request your plan through service channels, such as the website, telephone and WhatsApp. So, don't waste time.

So, get to know our step-by-step guide, with information about the different plans, services and prices of Pet Céu. Click now on the button below!

Logo Pet Céu com desenhos ao fundo

How to make the Pet Heaven plan?

See how to hire the Pet Céu funeral plan. The crematorium that offers several plans, products and services. Get in touch with through the service channels!

Anyway, what do you think about discovering other crematoriums for your pet? So, how about finding out more about Garden Pet?

This is a crematorium that operates throughout the state of Santa Catarina and has two units. They offer three different plans starting at R$19.90.

In addition, they also take care of the entire process for you, from removing your pet's body to the wake and delivery of the ashes with a certificate.

If you want to know all the details and request now, know that it is very easy. You can visit the website or call the crematorium. Discover all the details by accessing our step-by-step guide. Click the button below!

Logo Garden Pet com fundo verde

How to make the Garden Pet plan?

See how to hire Garden Pet and perform your pet's funeral, ensuring a dignified end to your furry friend. The procedure is online.

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