How many cat breeds are there? Look here!

How many cat breeds are there? You must have seen many different kittens out there. And these differences come from origins and races. Meet!


Find out how many cat breeds there are in the world!

Quantas raças de gatos existem?
How many cat breeds are there?

As with dogs, cats can be strays or purebred. See, today, how many breeds of cats there are. You'll be amazed at how diverse they are!

In general, cat breeds refer to domestic cats. There are several of them out there, although institutions differ on the total number. To get an idea, there are at least 04 different positions about him! Look:

  • First, the International Association of Cats (TICA) points to the existence of 71 breeds of cats that follow specific standards;
  • Furthermore, the Fédération Internationale Féline (FIFe) recognizes that there are 43 breeds of cats that exist in the world;
  • On the other hand, the Cat Fanciers'Association (FCA) recognizes the existence of 44 species of cats.
  • The Encyclopedia Britannica recognizes only 15 breeds of cats in the world.

This diversity of answers is due to the aspects that are considered for the recognition of races. For example, specific characteristics of phenotypes and biological data.

Be that as it may, even though the number of how many cat breeds exist differs, many of them are recognized all over the world. Below, then, get to know the main ones and see the characteristics of each one.

How many cat breeds are there? See our list of some!

Quantas raças de gatos existem?
How many cat breeds are there?

As we saw above, the answer to how many cat breeds there are varies by research source. Thus, official institutions have data ranging from 18 to 71 breeds! Below, meet some of the main and most famous.

Maine Coon

Quantas raças de gatos existem?
How many cat breeds are there?

First, we start with a breed of cat that was first recognized in Maine, United States. The Maine Coon is famous not by chance. After all, he is the biggest house cat in existence. It can reach 1 meter in length!

Still, this cat has special characteristics. He is famous, for example, for being extremely docile, affectionate and playful. Therefore, he earned the nickname of "gentle giant", which reflects much of his temperament.

This is a cat that gets along well with the family, with children and other animals. Also, he delights to love water! So, don't be scared to see a cat of this species playing with water. Or, enjoying a refreshing bath.

Maine coon: know all about this cat breed!

See everything about this "giant cat" breed that is very popular among people!


Another of the cat breeds that exist and are successful worldwide is the Siamese. He is characterized by blue eyes. Also, the muzzle, paws and tail in darker tones than the rest of the body. The coat, in general, is white, cream, brown and black.

Still, it is necessary to warn that several cats keep these characteristics of the coat, even without being Siamese. True Siamese have large, open ears. Equally, the face is thinned.

Siamese cat: know all about this cat breed!

Discover the curiosities and how to raise a cat of the Siamese breed, famous for its beauty!


Continuing our list of some of the cat breeds that exist, we have the Sphynx. You may not even relate the name to the feline at first. But, you will certainly do it when you know that this is the hairless cat species.

For Friends fans, by the way, it's the breed of cat that Rachel buys for a thousand dollars. Although the sitcom's protagonist didn't keep his mentorship, he certainly left an impression on viewers!

Other characteristics of cats of this breed are large eyes and ears. Their behavior is characterized by sweetness and the fact that they are affectionate. 

The origin of this breed is interesting. After all, she was born from the birth of a single cat, in a litter, without hair. Afterwards, this pup reproduced so that its offspring also lacked fur.


Although institutions disagree on how many cat breeds there are, they all recognize the Persian. This is a cat famous for its flat snout and thick fur. Thus, he enchants for being very cute and different.

This cat is characterized by not being so eager to play. Thus, he prefers quiet activities and without so much hustle. Despite this, he loves affection and sleeping close to his tutor. Another characteristic of Persian cats is that they don't usually climb high places and furniture.

Persian cat: know everything about this breed

Discover curiosities and tips for those who want to raise a cat of the famous Persian breed!


Another of the cat breeds that exist in the world that originated in the United States, the Ragdoll appeared in the 1950s. It has a giant size, although it is not as big as the Maine Coon.

It is characterized by its full coat and contrasting colors. In this case, the mid-face region is lighter, as well as the chest and belly. Already the contour of the face, as well as ears, are darker. The coat on the back blends in slightly lighter shades.

Also, this is one of the cat breeds that is trainable. In fact, the others are too. What happens is that the ragdoll is easy to learn tricks and teaching. Equally, he has a lot of energy, as well as attachment to his owners.

British Shorthair (English shorthair)

This is one of the most popular cat breeds in the world. It is characterized by short hair and in gray-blue tones with a soft and velvety touch. Also, they are quite docile and, again, love a cuddle.


This is also one of the most famous cat breeds in the world. Incidentally, she is one of the oldest in the world and originates in Turkey. He is quite graceful and has diverse placements, although they are more common with white coats.

Other characteristics are the rounded chin, as well as the homely behavior. They get along well with children and adults and are very affectionate.


This is one of the most interesting cat breeds in the world! After all, cats of this type have a wilder look. This is due to the presence of tiger-like stripes (on the tail and paws) and jaguar-like spots (on the back).

Also, they are longer and tend to have a very furry tail. However, although appearances are deceiving, they are among the most docile of cats. He loves to play, stay close to the tutor and sleep with the family.

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