Eyebrow models: how to model in a natural way

There are different face shapes, each with its beauty. Thus, a well-done eyebrow will help you harmonize your features and highlight the best features of your face. Check out all about the eyebrow models here!


Find out all about eyebrow models and how to do it at home!

Então, confira os modelos de sobrancelha. Fonte: Unsplash.
So, check out the eyebrow models. Source: Unsplash.

First, if you've had your eyebrows done, then you know that a good professional's work makes all the difference. In this sense, it is the eyebrows that frame and harmonize our face and therefore need to be in line with our traits and personality. So, check out some eyebrow models here so you can understand how your visagism works.

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What are eyebrow models?

First of all, you may have noticed that each eyebrow has a different shape, right? That's because each of us has our personality, our facial expressions, flaws and beauties that we would like to hide or highlight.

Therefore, to find the ideal shape for your eyebrow, you need to take into account the shape of your face, the vices of expression and your personality. In this way, you will be able to measure the balance points to define an ideal shape for your face.

Thus, eyebrow models are characterized by the type of angulation of the lines, in addition to the thickness of the eyebrow. Depending on the type of model chosen, you will be able to observe changes in your look and face shape. So, it is very important that the professional is specialized and knows what he is doing.

How to find the right eyebrow shape for your face?

Afinal, como encontrar o formato correto? Fonte: Unsplash.
After all, how to find the correct format? Source: Unsplash.

With so many eyebrow models, sometimes we get confused as to the ideal type that will harmonize with you. However, it is worth paying attention to the shape of your face to choose the best type of eyebrow for your expression. Check out some face types and which eyebrow models they look best with.

Round face

If you have a more rounded face, then arched eyebrows will harmonize much better with your expression. In that sense, they give the illusion of a longer face, leaving your expression more harmonious.

oval face

Well, this is the most versatile face shape! So, if your face fits into this category, you can choose which eyebrow shape you like best. So, try to take your personality into account when making the choice.

elongated face

So, to soften the length of the face, try to avoid very angled and striking lines. In this way, the straight eyebrow type is the most ideal for you. In that sense, the straight eyebrow will help to break the line that goes from the chin to the forehead, giving the illusion of a smaller face.

Square face

In that sense, if you have a well-defined jawline and chin, then your face is square. In this way, the eyebrow that best fits your expression is the arched and dense eyebrow. This way you will harmonize your expression in a natural way.

diamond face

This face has more pronounced temples, high cheekbones and a thinner forehead. Therefore, to soften the expressions of the diamond face, bet on rounded or slightly arched eyebrows.

Triangular face or heart

Finally, the triangular face has a more pointed chin and a wider forehead. Thus, to soften the most striking features, angular or semi-angular eyebrows can help you better harmonize your expressions.

Different types of eyebrows

Generally speaking, there are some types of eyebrow models and who will decide which one best fits your face type is the professional designer. See below how they are defined:

arched eyebrows

Well, this type of eyebrow model ends up harmonizing more on oval or round faces. Or, if you have a wider forehead and thinner cheeks, this type is also ideal for you.

semi arched eyebrows

Ideal for those with a more angular chin, or even more prominent cheekbones, this eyebrow model tends to bring harmony without leaving the expression too forced. By the way, this is a great option for those who don't like exaggerated expressions and prefer something simpler.

angled eyebrows

Although it follows the shape of arched eyebrows, its lines are less pronounced. This way, it brings a more natural and simpler look to your face, avoiding a heavy expression.

semi-angular eyebrows

If you have a rather rounded face, this type of eyebrow will be ideal for you. This way, you can elongate your face a little more, bringing a more expressive and harmonic look to your expression.

straight eyebrows

As the name implies, straight eyebrow models have no curvature. Thus, they are usually shorter and thicker and can bring lightness to your expressions. By the way, if you have a long face shape and a wide forehead, this may be an ideal model for you.

rounded eyebrows

Well, this model is the complete opposite of the previous one, the straight one. Thus, rounded eyebrows have curvature from beginning to end, being ideal for faces with a thin chin and small forehead.

The best products to use when shaping or filling in your brows at home

Então, quais os melhores produtos? Fonte: Pexels.
So what are the best products? Source: Pexels.

First of all, if you have flaws in your eyebrows, you can use definitive techniques to fill them in, such as micropigmentation for example. However, if you prefer something less permanent, there are specific brow filler products that you can use and abuse.


If you don't have much experience with eyebrow filling, eyeshadow is the ideal product to start venturing. In this sense, in addition to being a more common product that almost everyone has at home, it is easier to handle and put in the desired amount. Therefore, choose the closest possible shade to your fur and start drawing with a brush.

Pencil or eyeliner pen

Well, if you want a more natural result, you can start experimenting with an eyebrow pencil or pen. In addition, this is also a good method for beginners, as both bring firmness to the skin to draw hair.

By the way, here also applies the rule of the color closest to your hair. So, ideally, you try on the color of the product before buying, to make sure it blends in well with your natural hair.


So, if you prefer to use a creamier product, you can bet on eyebrow masks. By the way, they are great choices for those who prefer a more natural finish, and work as an eyelash mask, and can be colorless or colored.

Furthermore, you can also use a mask or gel after other products such as finishers. For example, you can fill in your brows using powder eyeshadow, and then finish off by combing your hair using mascara. This way you will have a very professional finish.

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