How to take Escon Professional Makeup course?

Escon's makeup course is completely free. You can register and immediately start studying! See how to register, which takes no more than 2 minutes and is completely online.


Find out how to take the Escon Professional Makeup Course: read it anywhere!

Veja como se inscrever e comece a estudar! Fonte: Escon.
See how to apply and start studying! Source: hide.

Escon's Professional Makeup course is a great opportunity, but how do you register?

Know that this is a free option, so you just need to register on the Escon website. Then click on the link below.


Make up course


beauty online

Study at home and become a successful professional makeup artist with certificate!

You will be redirected to another website

But if you still have any doubts, read our step by step below. It was made exclusively for you not to make a mistake when signing up. So come with us and start your studies as soon as possible!

Step by step to enroll in the Escon Professional Makeup Course.

Mas, afinal, como fazer a inscrição? Fonte: Escon.
But, after all, how to register? Source: hide.

First, to take the Professional Makeup Course, you need to enter the Escon website. Now, you must complete your registration! By the way, if you are already registered on the platform, you can skip to the second step.

First step: Registration

Then, on the platform’s home page, you must fill in your data in the “register now” field.

That way, write your name, email, phone and create a password to use on the platform. Then click on “register now!”. Okay, now you can access the website and enroll in different courses!

Second step: Enrollment

So let's see how you can enroll! On the homepage of the Escon website, click on “courses” at the top. Then, in the search magnifying glass, write: “professional makeup”. So, just click on the option that will appear.

You will be redirected to the official course page. Scroll down the page until you find the option “enroll” and click on it. Now, choose the number of hours you want to dedicate to the course.

Attention, this information will appear on your certificate! So choose correctly. Ready! Now you are registered and can take the course by accessing the student area!

Check out another online course: Bianca Paula's Makeup School course!

You saw how simple it is to start studying with the Escon Professional Makeup Course. 

However, if you are looking for other options, such as having video lessons, you may want to learn more about the Bianca Paula Makeup School course.

Thus, this course is also aimed at those who want to become a professional makeup artist, but it has recorded classes. In addition, the teacher has extensive professional experience and is available to answer any questions.

On the other hand, the course is paid, but the cost-benefit is interesting! Want to know more? Know that your registration works through the Hotmart platform. So, click on the link below and find out how to take this course!

Logo Bianca Paula fundo rosa escuro

Bianca Paula Makeup School Course

Meet this makeup course that is aimed at those who want to learn everything to become a professional makeup artist! There are several classes with updated content.

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