How to download and use the DogHero app?

Through the DogHero platform you can request services that help you take care of your dog or cat. In addition, you can also apply to work with animals! The app is free and simple to use, see how to download!


DogHero app: find the help closest to you to take care of your pet!

Veja como fazer para baixar e acessar o aplicativo! Fonte: DogHero.
See how to download and access the application! Source: DogHero.

If you are traveling and need someone to take care of your pet, or even if you are looking for a dog walker, using the DogHero app is the ideal solution! The platform is free and simple to use.

In this sense, you can download the app directly on your cell phone, register and that's it! Now you can have access to all the services offered, such as pet sitter, day care, accommodation and much more, just download it!




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Find housing, daycare, walkers and more for your pet!

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This way you can offer your pet more quality of life, even if you have a busy routine. Caregivers go through a strict selection process, so don't worry about your little friend's safety.

By the way, if you are passionate about animals and want to work in this area, you can also apply in the app! Want to better understand how it works and what to do to use the DogHero app? Then see below!

Step by step to download and use the DogHero app

Confira o passo a passo e instale! Fonte: DogHero.
Check out the step by step and install! Source: DogHero.

You can apply to host other pets in your home, or even request a caretaker service for your pet. All this and more is available through the DogHero platform.

By the way, the app is quite simple and intuitive, and you have access to several specialized services for dogs and cats. So, want to know how to download and use the DogHero app? See the step by step!

Download the DogHero app

First, it is worth remembering that DogHero is a free platform that is available in Brazil, Argentina and Mexico. That is, it is quite safe and reliable to use their services.

To gain access, simply use the app store on your cell phone or tablet to download it for free. The DogHero app is available for both Android and iOS users, is that ok?

Using the DogHero app

Once the installation is complete, tap to open the app and click on the “I'm new here” option to register. Then answer a few simple questions about your pet and create an account with email and password.

Finally, share your location so that the app can help you find pet service options in your area. Ready! Now you have access and can choose the service you want to hire on the home screen.

Now, if you want to become a hero in the DogHero app to take care of other pets, you can tap on the “Menu” option and then on “Be a Hero”. So just fill in the fields and be approved in the selection process.

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