Dobermann Dog: learn all about this breed here!

The Dobermann is a dog of German origin, ideal for anyone who wants an animal close to their family! This breed will always protect you and never leave your side! Know everything about him!


Discover all about the Dobermann dog breed

Então, conheça tudo sobre o Dobermann! Fonte: AdobeStock.
So, get to know everything about the Dobermann! Source: AdobeStock.

Often represented in cinema as angry and violent, the Dobermann dog is the opposite of this image. This breed is kind, playful, intelligent and protective!

In addition, he is very active and needs large amounts of physical activity and intelligence training. For a long time this breed was used maliciously in fighting, encouraging its violent behavior.

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But nowadays, it is a very reliable and friendly breed! The Dobermann takes great care of its owner and is known as the “Velcro Dog”. Therefore, this dog can be a great addition to your family.

So, keep reading the information that we have separated for you and find out if you can be a good owner for this breed and if it matches your profile.

What is the Doberman dog?

The origin of the Dobermann dates back to approximately 1890, when a tax collector with the surname Dobermann decided to develop a dog that would protect him in his work.

Thus, with some crossings of German Pinscher, German Shepherd and other breeds, the Dobermann appeared! The breed stands out mainly for being a working dog.

In addition, it has great energy, strength, protective instinct, intelligence and ability to receive commands. No wonder the Dobermann is used by the police. This breed even worked in the rescues of the twin towers!

Physical characteristics

The Dobermann is a large dog and is characterized by its extreme elegance, with excellent musculature and physical strength. The Dobermann's coat is quite short, hard, and thick.

That way, there is no need for constant brushing. The Dobermann can have four different colors: black, blue, red and fawn. Also, this breed has rust tones in different areas of its body.

Other features

Considered the fifth most intelligent breed, the Dobermann is easily trained. He is very obedient and loves to learn new things. Therefore, it is interesting to take the dog to be trained as soon as possible.

In this sense, this can ensure that it develops and that it improves some negative traits. For example, the breed is not very sociable with other animals, which can get in the way if you have more than one dog.

In addition, because it is overly protective and attached to its owner, this breed may not enjoy it very much when you receive a visit. But rest assured, with the correct training everything can be solved!

In addition, the Dobermann is quite silent and behaved, it can become noisy and destructive if the owner does not meet the basic needs of the breed. It is important that he spends his energy and practices physical and mental activity.

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How much does a dog of this breed cost?

Afinal, qual o valor do filhote? Fonte: AdobeStock.
After all, what is the value of the puppy? Source: AdobeStock.

On the trusted market, the price of a Dobermann can range from R$1200 to R$7,000. The final price will depend on several factors, from the kennel to the age of the animal.

Also, research and get to know the kennel where you are going to buy your Dobermann. It is important that it is a responsible place, that it takes care of the dogs correctly and that it tests the health of its animals frequently.

In addition, the kennel must also know the dog's lineage and ensure that it is of quality!

Another option is to consider adoption! There are many NGOs that do great rescue work with various animals, including the Dobermann. Opting for adoption is a very conscious action!

How big does it get and how long does it live?

In the case of males, a Dobermann has an average size of 70 cm and an average weight of 45 kg, in the case of females, these numbers can reach respectively 65 cm and 35 kg. That is, this is a large breed!

A healthy Doberman can live up to approximately 13 years. However, this breed may have some genetic problems. The main disease is dilated cardiomyopathy, a heart problem.

So it's important that you take your dog annually for heart exams! In addition, the Doberman can have hip dysplasia and a deficiency of protein in the blood, which can lead to bleeding.

How to breed a Doberman puppy?

Veja como criar seu Dobermann! Fonte: AdobeStock.
See how to raise your Doberman! Source: AdobeStock.

The Dobermann constantly needs the presence of its owner. This breed can develop separation anxiety if it feels like it has been left out by its owner.

This disorder makes the dog try to get attention in every way, barking a lot, breaking and biting objects, for example. So, it's important to only adopt this breed if you have the time.

Physical activity is one of the things this breed needs most! That is, he must do daily exercise, such as jogging, walking, and playing. By the way, 90 minutes of daily activities and 22 km per week is the ideal average for this dog!


Another important point, he is not an animal that should be chained. It is a direct living dog. In addition, in the case of small apartments, it is important that walks are even more frequent.

In addition, dogs of this breed get along very well with children, playing and taking care of them. But you need to be careful, as it is a very strong animal, it can accidentally hurt a small child.

It is essential to train the Doberman. He is one of the breeds with the easiest to learn. Thus, a Dobermann can act in several areas, they are great as dogs: guides, pets, champions, therapy and protection!


This is a very hygienic breed, so it needs very little bathing and brushing. The Dobermann doesn't shed a lot of hair or emit strong odors.

On the other hand, it is always important to pay attention to oral hygiene, which must be done weekly. You should also regularly clean your dog's ears to prevent any infections from developing.

Furthermore, a protective, loyal, agile and versatile breed, known as the “Dog with a Human Brain”. If you are looking for a dog to have by your side, accompanying you in physical activities, the Dobermann may be perfect for you!

But if you still want to know other dog breeds, you might be interested in the German Shepherd! Ancestor of the Doberman, this breed is intelligent, familiar and very playful. Discover the other characteristics of the breed!

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