Ulta Beauty Try-On app: virtual makeup!

Have you heard of Ulta Beauty? This brand offers different products for you to buy and with the app you can test everything before going to the store!


Feel the power of virtual beauty! Ulta Beauty Try-On is your ticket to the world of certainty and style!

Então, confira tudo sobre o app! Fonte: Ulta Beauty.
So, check out everything about the app! Source: Ulta Beauty.

Discover the beauty revolution with Ulta Beauty Try-On, where you can virtually try on the products you want to purchase before committing! With technology, you transform doubts into certainties.

Imagine experimenting with makeup tones and textures, visualizing each nuance realistically, without leaving the comfort of your home. Ulta Beauty Try-On is a virtual mirror that reflects your individuality.



Ulta Beauty Try-On

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Test makeup products virtually and choose before buying!

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With an optimized graphics engine, GLAMLab creates a captivating experience, allowing you to try out products before you even touch them.

Ready to unlock a new chapter in your beauty journey? So, read on to dive into the transformative world of this platform.

What is Ulta Beauty?

Ulta Beauty, which offers Try-On, is a beauty haven, bringing together a wide variety of makeup, skin care, hair and fragrance products in one destination.

This company already has more than a thousand stores in the USA. Thus, Ulta offers options ranging from popular drugstore brands to luxury ones. Additionally, Ulta is also known for its salon services.

Another important point is that Ulta's rewards programs captivate customers with exclusive discounts. In short, Ulta Beauty is the epicenter of authenticity, variety and innovation in the beauty world.

Is Ulta more expensive than Sephora?

It's important to note that the price comparison between Ulta Beauty and Sephora may vary depending on the specific products and current promotions.

Both stores are known for offering a wide range of cosmetics.

Ulta Beauty is known for taking an approach that includes drugstore and luxury products in one location, which can provide a range of pricing options.

On the other hand, Sephora tends to focus more on prestige and luxury brands, which may result in higher prices compared to drugstore products. In any case, it's worth buying each specific product!

How does the Ulta Beauty Try-On work?

Afinal, como é a plataforma? Fonte: AdobeStock.
After all, what is the platform like? Source: AdobeStock.

Now let's talk about an important differentiator about Ulta Beauty, which is its Try-On mechanism. Available both on the brand's app and on its shopping website, the Try-On tool is a unique technology!

So, this feature allows you to try on makeup virtually before buying. You will be able to try different products, of different shades and textures, and see how it looks on your skin.

To achieve this, Ulta Beauty Try-On has an Augmented Reality system with Artificial Intelligence resources. Thus, this technology simulates in the best possible way so you know how the product feels on your skin.

Meet the Ulta Beauty Try-On Shade Finder

Do you know how difficult it is often to know which shade of foundation is suitable for your skin tone without trying it on in a physical store? Well, one of the features available on the Ulta Beauty Try-On is the Shade Finder.

This feature uses artificial intelligence to identify skin tone, while skin analysis provides personalized reports. This makes it much easier to find the right makeup for you!

In other words, this interactive and realistic approach redefines beauty shopping, allowing virtual try-on before the final decision. A revolution for those looking for confidence and personalization in each purchase.

How does augmented reality technology work?

Mas, será que funciona mesmo? Fonte: AdobeStock.
But, does it really work? Source: AdobeStock.

If you still have any doubts, Augmented Reality in the Ulta Beauty Try-On turns your screen into a virtual mirror. When choosing a product, AR uses 3D mapping to digitally apply tones and textures in real time.

So, when you point the camera at your face, the technology detects facial features, allowing you to see how the product fits your skin. It's like trying products physically, but virtually.

This fusion between real and digital creates an interactive and precise experience, providing a realistic visualization before the purchase decision, increasing consumer confidence.

GlamLab App: how to download and use?

So, as we said, you can try the Ulta Beauty Try-On directly on the website, but you can also download the app and shop easily on your cell phone. The app has a rating of 4.2 on Google Play and more than 50 thousand times!

So, with the app installed on your cell phone, you just need to open it, choose a product, open your camera and test the filter with the makeup applied. The app also performs an analysis of your skin situation.

So you can receive a complete report of the type of products you need. In any case, the process of using the filters and identifier is quite complete and will solve your problems.



Ulta Beauty Try-On

android iOS

Test makeup products virtually and choose before buying!

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