Small dogs: why do they shake so much?

Several reasons may be behind your little pet's shivering. To ensure your health, stay tuned for signs and symptoms. Some causes include nutritional and neurological issues!


Understand how physiological changes may be involved!

Afinal, qual o motivo da tremedeira? Fonte: AdobeStock.
After all, what is the reason for the trembling? Source: AdobeStock.

If you are the owner of a small dog that shakes non-stop, maybe you want to understand: why do small dogs shake so often? Is it a coincidence or is there a common reason?

By the way, it's not just small dogs, but other breeds of different sizes of dogs can show a slight tremor. That way, it's important to understand everything that could be behind it!

Família felzi entrando em casa com cachorro

8 most docile dog breeds in the world!

Want to choose the perfect pet to have at home? Some breeds are more patient and loving than others and even get along well with other animals!

So, let's check out a list now and better understand the cause of tremors in dogs and understand how much more common this is in small dogs!

Small dogs: meet the most beloved breeds in Brazil

Confira algumas raças populares! Fonte: AdobeStock.
Check out some popular breeds! Source: AdobeStock.

Before we understand what can make your little dog shake, it is important to understand that small dog breeds have become increasingly successful in Brazil and around the world.

One of the reasons for this rise is in relation to spaces! More and more people live in apartments and, with that, the need for small pets becomes more and more.

Thus, some breeds like the poodle, pinscher, pug, bulldog and yorkshire are increasingly sought after by people across the country to be able to serve as companionship and friendship in their homes and families!

Characteristic small breeds

Furthermore, all these small dog breeds are known as companion dogs. That is, they are docile animals, perfect for those who want pets that are attached and full of love to give.

These are great companions for children and the elderly. That's because, they love having people around giving them attention and affection. By the way, some can be lap, but not all breeds, some prefer more hustle!

So, research well before choosing the small dog you want to choose for your family! Also, are we going to understand the reasons that can lead your little pet to tremble constantly?

Why do small dogs shake so much?

Então, entenda alguns motivos para a tremedeira. Fonte: AdobeStock.
So, understand some reasons for the shaking. Source: AdobeStock.

So, if you happen to see your dog shaking, there are some factors you need to take into account to try to figure out why this is happening to him.

Some situations are perfectly natural! But, others may indicate health risk and danger situations for your pet! So stay tuned to find out what causes your dog's shivering!


First, the physiology of small dogs is itself the reason behind the tremors. This is because the metabolic rate of these animals is higher than the larger ones.

Thus, they spend more energy to warm up, for example. In addition, the lower concentration of fat makes the dog more susceptible to the cold! If that's the case, just cover and protect your pet and everything will be fine!

Also, situations like needing to go to the bathroom to pee or poo can also make your pet shake more than expected. Then observe other signs of your puppy so you don't leave him in need.


In addition to that first point, another very important and attention is a feeling that also affects us humans, fear! There are a plethora of things that can create fear in your pet, so stay tuned!

For example, very loud noises, rain, the presence of undesirable visitors or other factors can cause fear and anxiety in your dog and cause him to shake excessively.

This happens mainly if the small dog is a puppy, more susceptible to fear. The best remedy is to protect him and try to calm him down as much as possible.


Small dog breed guide

If you like small dog breeds, then you need to check out our content with the best breed tips for you to adopt.


On the other hand, happiness, animation and excitement can also be reasons to explain why small dogs shake so much!

So, if you're getting ready to take him for a walk or some other activity that causes him to be excited, your pet may start shaking non-stop! But, it doesn't have to be something so obvious.

Sometimes even a sound or a smell can get your pet excited and ready for moments of euphoria that make him tremble with anticipation!


This is a more worrying case and you need to stay tuned to see if that's why your dog is shaking! Thus, the pain can make your pet shake all over.

However, tremor is a symptom that is usually accompanied by others, such as crying, agitation, apathy and even difficulty walking. Also, fever can cause shivering too!

That way, if you notice anything different, strange or that means your pet is in pain, don't waste time and look for a vet as soon as possible to make sure he's okay!

low sugar

If you want to know why small dogs shake so much, one of the most common reasons is low blood sugar, hypoglycemia. Thus, it's important to keep an eye out, especially in puppies!

Other symptoms of hypoglycemia are weakness, seizures and lethargy! So, it's vital to stay tuned and know your pet's natural behavior. But to avoid frames of this type, just keep it fed and hydrated.

So, if it happens, offer a treat or snack to help balance the little one's blood sugar levels!


Again, just like humans, small dogs also shake so much because of age! Problems such as arthritis and osteoarthritis can affect a dog's strength and ability to stand.

In addition, it is natural for the organism to become more weakened and have more difficulties in maintaining itself for a long time. Thus, longer periods of rest are recommended when your pet gets older!

Other causes

In addition, there are other reasons why small dogs shake so much, including intoxication, nutritional, neurological and psychological issues.

Thus, it is important that you always try to identify what is behind the tremors and check the coexistence of other symptoms.

If you are in a situation that is difficult to identify or that there are many other symptoms, the ideal is to go to the veterinarian!

other symptoms

Thus, other important symptoms to watch out for are: fainting, diarrhea, bleeding, vomiting, high temperature, difficulty walking, among others!

What to do when the dog shakes?

As we pointed out, the ideal is to try to find out the reason. Some are simpler than others, like cold and fear!

On the other hand, if you can't identify it and the tremors persist, the ideal thing is to take it to the vet and ensure the health of small dogs that shake so much!

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